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Our Vision is to bring to the Canadian Mainstream, a quality oriented annual event that is reflective of the South Asian Diaspora, while growing in a sustainable manner.

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South Asian Festival

South Asian Festival

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The South Asian community in Ottawa is 75,000 strong. Extremely vibrant and affluent, South Asians are represented in professional ranks in the public and private sectors of the National Capital Region. South Asians make up the largest visible minority in Canada and their culture has a definite mainstream appeal with music, dance, arts, fashion and culinary delights among the favourites for all Canadians from coast to coast!

“Huns was a champion of the South Asian community and the primary organizer of Ottawa's annual South Asian Fest. Huns was also a businessman, a public servant and the host of Mirch Masala Mix and Bhangra Nation on CHIN 97.9 FM. He had a deep passion for sharing South Asian culture and was always looking for new ways to put Ottawa on the map”

Bob Saroya

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The Ontario South Asian Community Association (OSACA) was founded as a Non-Profit Organization in 2009, by a group of Ottawa-based Arts & Culture enthusiasts that sought to provide Ottawa with a missing element, a South Asian Festival…!


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