SAF 2019 - South Asian Fest

SouthAsianFest 2019 offered visitors a glimpse into the world of the arts, crafts, food, music and dance performances, primarily from the Indian sub-continent.

Past SAF’s
2019 events

SAF2019 kicked off with its Splash! dinner and dance boat cruise on the Ottawa river on Aug. 9, with dinner and dance to the tune of Bollywood and bhangra music. It was followed by the Ticket to Cricket event on Aug. 11, in collaboration with the Defence Cricket Club at Rideau Hall.

Last year’s festival added a new event in the form of Women of Influence at the National Arts Centre on the evening of Aug. 12. On Aug. 13, visitors got a 15% discount at select Indian restaurants across the capital by simply stating they’re part of the celebration of south Asian food called FoodFest!

2019 SAF Recap

2019 SAF Recap

Held in honour of
Hunsdeep Singh Rangar

The 2019 festival was held in honour of the founder of the festival, Hunsdeep Singh Rangar (“Huns”), who tragically passed away in June the same year.

“Hunsdeep Singh Rangar is a very close friend of Indian Community, very close friend to the South Asian Community, always smiling, always ready to help, always helpful, never see him with a long face, always ready in any which way you need him!”

Bob Saroya

Our committee

The Ontario South Asian Community Association (OSACA) was founded as a Non-Profit Organization in 2009, by a group of Ottawa-based Arts & Culture enthusiasts that sought to provide Ottawa with a missing element, a South Asian Festival…!

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